5 Really Simple Things You Can Do to Be A Good Driver in Saskatoon, SK

5 Really Simple Things You Can Do to Be A Good Driver

Mark Sugar's Blog | 5 Really Simple Things You Can Do to Be A Good Driver

The list could go on and on of how many issued traffic fines there are in each province and although they are interesting facts, they really don’t matter, what does matter, is how well you can drive. It’s obvious that the more people on the roads there are the higher the chances of an accident occurring, but you must focus on the important role you play when driving your vehicle.

Think about it, you have no control over what other drivers and people do while on the roads. You only have control over your vehicle. Bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, as well as, other automobiles are trusting in you to be a good driver.

Answering this yes or no question all comes down to whether or not you make safe driving your number one priority. It truly doesn’t take much to be one, and there are really simple things you can do to be a good driver.

  1. Preventative Maintenance - Check tires, oil, fuel, and fluids prior to driving. If you locate a potential problem have it fixed before taking the car out on the road again.
  2. Secure Children and Yourself - Make sure you have installed the proper seat for your child’s age group and that it is installed correctly. Request that any passengers in the vehicle wear their seatbelts and you buckle up as well.
  3. Stay Focused - Keep your eyes on the road and allow for no distractions. All calls, texts, and emails can wait until you reach your destination.
  4. Always Use Your Signals - Turning signals allow for you to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians and for them to prepare for your next move.
  5. Look at Your Surroundings - Use all of your car mirrors and always check your blind spots. Many vehicles have backup cameras installed, but they should only be used as an aid and not a replacement. Keep looking.

There are a whole lot more things you can do to be a good driver and I’m sure you are thinking of them now, which is great. Implement these simple things into your driving habits so you can be a good driver too.

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