Easy Travel Snack Ideas for Kids in Saskatoon, SK

Easy Travel Snack Ideas for Kids

Mark Sugar's Blog | Easy Travel Snack Ideas for Kids

If you’re a parent, you know your child snacks a lot. Whether he or she is a preschooler with a tiny tummy or a food eating machine teenager, having only three meals a day is not enough to provide your kids the nutrients they need in order to grow. Therefore, snacks are necessary for filling any nutritional gaps between mealtimes, which makes them a very important part of your child’s day.

Snacking does not stop just because you are not at home, either. You are a busy Mom or Dad who is always on the go, thus, it is important to prepare snacks for when you and your child are traveling.

There are many great options available and to choose from on the Web, which provides information about creating fun snacks for kids of all ages.

Below, I have listed a few easy travel snack ideas for kids that they are sure to enjoy.

Use resealable baggies to hold your child’s snacks, which are simple and disposable. However, if you do not have any baggies don’t fret, you can use lunchboxes or containers with fitted lids as substitutes.

  • Granola Bars
    Choose high in fiber, low in sugar granola bars. There are plenty to choose from that are easy to eat and that taste great.
  • Granola Trail Mix
    Breakup multiple healthy granola bars, add some pretzels, and raisins into a resealable bag. Shake it up to mix them together.
  • Yogurt
    Choose either a yogurt cup or put yogurt into a container. Have some cereal or granola to add to the yogurt from time-to-time.
  • Low-Sugar Cereal
    Get a piece of string and put O-shaped cereal on it to create a yummy necklace. You can also put a handful of cereal into a resealable bag, which your child can easily carry.
  • String Cheese
    They keep your child busy and are fun to eat while providing needed calcium.
  • Fresh Fruit
    Cut up different fresh fruits, add them to a resealable baggy and watch your child gobble it up.

These healthy, easy to make and carry snacks will not only provide your kids the nutrients they require but will satisfy their hunger while traveling.

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