How to Adjust Your Vehicle Mirrors the Correct Way in Saskatoon, SK

How to Adjust Your Vehicle Mirrors the Correct Way

Mark Sugar's Blog | How to Adjust Your Vehicle Mirrors the Correct Way

Are you sure that your mirrors are adjusted properly to the best visual ability? It’s too late once you have had an accident to realize that they need to be adjusted. Sometimes we can easily forget to adjust our mirrors back into place after another driver uses our vehicle or sometimes, they can be unknowingly moved by a pedestrian at a parking lot.

Regardless, if they were ever touched or not, as the driver of the vehicle, you should always be sure that the mirrors are covering the right areas around your vehicle for optimal vision and safety. Use the following tips to make sure you are seeing everything around you through your vehicle’s mirrors.

  • Side Mirrors: Your side mirror should not show the side of your vehicle, but instead, they should cover your blind spot. You should see the road and side of the cars behind you.
  • Rearview Mirror: The vehicle behind you should be centered from left to right and top to bottom in the rearview mirror.

No part of your vehicle should be seen in your mirrors and be sure to always turn your head to check blind spots mirrors cannot cover.

So, now you don’t ever have to worry about being caught off guard, being cut off by another vehicle, or hitting something due to your mirrors not being properly angled.

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