Pro Advice to Gain Confidence in Driving in Saskatoon, SK

Pro Advice to Gain Confidence in Driving

Mark Sugar's Blog | Pro Advice to Gain Confidence in Driving

Are you or someone you know new to driving and are looking for advice on how to feel more confident when driving? Well, buckle your seat belt because we are about to learn some pro advice to gain confidence in driving! Are you ready?

Fantastic let’s go!

  • When you begin driving, the very best spot to learn is in an empty parking lot. This way, any driving errors are more forgivable and a lot safer too. A vacant parking lot is also a great place to practice turns around safety cones. There are also lots of spaces for parking maneuvers.
  • Once you have mastered the parking lot, it is time to move on to the open road. Just start with a less traveled road. Get out of the city or town you live in and practice driving at your own pace. With less traffic, it is much easier to practice accelerating and braking, turning and staying between the ditches.
  • Taking a defensive driving course is essential for building confidence in driving. It helps new drivers gain knowledge and we all know knowledge is power
  • Another piece of pro advice would be to select a “Driving Mentor”. Choose a responsible driver and watch how they drive. With that said, all of us drivers need to be mindful of habitual driving. This often occurs when a driver becomes too comfortable, thus, always abide by the rules within the driver’s handbook.
  • You will also want to carefully choose the type of vehicle you practice driving. Depending on the car, SUV or truck, you can decipher the range of maneuvering difficulty. This too is true when driving automatic or standard.
  • And finally, make sure to practice, as this is the best confidence builder for most things and that is no exception when it comes to driving.

What advice do you have for new drivers?

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