Should Your Car Service Be Done at the Dealership? in Saskatoon, SK

Should Your Car Service Be Done at the Dealership?

Mark Sugar's Blog | Should Your Car Service Be Done at the Dealership?

Many car owners wonder if they should take their car service to the dealership or to an independent service department.

Excellent question!

Of course, this will depend on your own preference and relationships you have already established with any good mechanic. However, if you are genuinely considering the two options, here is why you should choose your dealership.

  1. Dealership Service Departments have to regularly train their technicians and provide special tools and equipment to better maintain their franchise.
  2. Propriety information - Dealerships have continuous access to new and changing information on new vehicles. Which is helpful for diagnosis and repair.
  3. Dealership mechanics have continual experience on the makes and models that they sell due to them repeatedly servicing vehicles that are sold from their brand.
  4. Most dealership technicians are paid a flat rate, which means that if they are paid for a two-hour job and go over the allotted time, then you do not have to pay more.

Now equipped with this knowledge regarding why you should service your vehicle at the dealership, perhaps this will help you make a more informative decision the next time your car or truck needs maintenance.

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