Tips To Stay Calm And Avoid Road Rage in Saskatoon, SK

Tips To Stay Calm And Avoid Road Rage

Mark Sugar's Blog | Tips To Stay Calm And Avoid Road Rage

With more people out on the roadways this month, traffic is bound to come to a standstill. Road rage is defined as aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a vehicle, which includes rude and offensive gestures, verbal insults, physical threats or dangerous driving methods targeted toward another driver or a pedestrian in an effort to intimidate or release frustration. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults and collisions that result in serious physical injuries or even death.

  • Plan ahead & make sure you have allowed yourself enough time to arrive at your destination on time. Take into account possible delays on the road. If you are stressed out because you are running late, you may be more susceptible to overreacting.
  • If someone is driving too close to you or tailgating, move over and let them pass.
  • When another driver communicates their anger at you, consider the fact that you may have done something to annoy them and wave or use an “I’m sorry” gesture to diffuse the situation.
  • Don’t block passing or turning lanes.
  • Lay off your horn, this only makes matters worse. Even a polite honk can be taken negatively by a stressed-out driver. Likewise, don’t take traffic problems personally.
  • Control your own anger and avoid engaging an aggressive driver.

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