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Tips for Finding the New Car You Want

Car shopping can be fun. Don't believe me? This article has all the tips and tricks you need to turn a new car purchase into an enjoyable journey. Let me help you find a car you can afford, love to drive and have no...

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Almost Time for School – Come Take the Fun Test!

The countdown is on till the first day of school for most of us. The start of a new school year is upon us and we all know what that means…. TESTS! Although the majority of us are not fans of tests, it is the...

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What is a VIN and Why Does It Matter?

A Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN as it is commonly referred to, is the identifying code for a specific automobile. Each car has a unique and different code. It is kind of like a fingerprint or...

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Know What You Are Doing When You Shop for a Car

Car driving isn't a simple task. Buying a car can be just as complicated! You have to be smart in both situations. This article will help provide you with some knowledge that will allow you to buy your next vehicle...

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How to Maintain a Cool Battery in the Summer Heat

If you think winter weather is rough on your car’s battery, consider that summer heat is even worse. Hotter temperatures have a greater impact on the power-generating chemistry inside your battery than cold...

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Car Industry Innovator & Champion, Lee Iaccoca Dies at 94 Years Old

Car industry innovator, icon and champion, Lee Iaococca died July 2, at the age of 94. The man who brought us revolutionary ideas such as the minivan and the Ford Mustang has taken his final road trip. He was...

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